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Tazan Agro Limited is a leading, result-oriented and very fast growing Animal Health Company in Bangladesh. TAZAN agro has been serving customer since 1993.We have Poultry, Dairy and Fisheries products. This leading position has been achieved through a unique combination of quality products, competitive price, market development and commitments to serving the customer’s every need.

TAZAN agro marketed wide range of quality ingredients, nutritional supplements, feed additives, animal health products, disinfectant, medicated premix, organic acid, vitamins, pellet binder, mineral premix, amino acids, non medicated additives, coccidiostatics, enzymes, vegetal products, protein and growth promoter. We are running our products from 16 several-renounced sources across the world.

Our philosophy is based in the supply of high quality products, cost effective price and the best customer service. We never compromise with our products quality. Our solid reputation and product result have made TAZAN agro a very competitive company. We believe in the complete satisfactions of our customers needs.

Tazan agro is providing high quality value added service and support by a dedicated team through import, administration, marketing and sales. We always serve our customers with any technical information as their requirements. We are committed to our clients to deliver quality products for healthy ouput.

Our line of feed additives and animal health products are healthy management tools essential in the on going challenge of meeting today’s growing demand for safe, reliable and affordable food supply. We do business not only for profit but also desires for develop the livestock sector in Bangladesh.

We warmly welcome complains or suggestions for any events.

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The goal is to provide trustworthy, high yielding seeds both vegetable and cereal seeds to farmers in the country to increase farm income. The company also intends to supply other agri-inputs at competitive price to our vast farming community.
The company has already developed a strong marketing network in the northern part of the country, covering 30 districts, with Marketing Officers, assistants and a network of dealers.


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TAZAN Group : Hathazari Road, Baluchara
Chittagong-4214, Bangladesh
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