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* City Feeds Ltd
* Quality Feeds Ltd
* Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Ltd
* Nourish Feed Ltd.
* Aftab Bohumukhi Farms Ltd
* National Feed Mills Ltd
* National Hatchery (Pvt) Ltd
* Agro International Trust (AIT)
* Index Agro Industries Trust Ltd
* Pocha Feeds Ltd
* Keari Poultry & Hatchery
* Lucky Feed Ltd
* Mondal Agro Industries
* Aleya Feeds Ltd.
* ACI Godrej Agrovate Pvt. Ltd
* Phenix Poultry & Hatchery
* Sunny Feeds Ltd
* Sunny Poultry & Hatchery
* Mono Feed Mills Ltd
* Rafiq Poultry Feed & Hatchery


* Nothern Poultry & Hatchery
* New Hope Feed Mill BD. Ltd
* Aman Feed Mill
* Spectra Hexa Feeds Ltd
* United Feeds Ltd. (Fresh Feed)
* Tamim Agro Industry (Care Feed)
* S.M.S Feed
* Lion Feed Ltd (Zahid Feed)
* Modern Feed Ltd
* Mass Meat & Bone Industries Ltd.
* Rahat Feed Mills Ltd.
* Premier Feeds Ltd.
* Al-Momen Feed Mills Ltd. (Allied Feed)
* Modina Fish Feed
* Krishi Pannya Feeds Ltd.
* Purbi Feeds Ltd
* J.P Hatchery
* Bay Agro Industries Ltd
* Peoples Poultry & Hatchery Ltd
* Denm Poultry Complex (Pvt) Ltd.
* Proshika & Many More
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The goal is to provide trustworthy, high yielding seeds both vegetable and cereal seeds to farmers in the country to increase farm income. The company also intends to supply other agri-inputs at competitive price to our vast farming community.
The company has already developed a strong marketing network in the northern part of the country, covering 30 districts, with Marketing Officers, assistants and a network of dealers.


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