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Tazan Agro Limited Deals with Cocsideostaties, Growth Promoter, Disinfectants, Pellet Binder, Toxin Binder, Organic Acids, Minerals, Amino Acids, Vitamin Premix, Diuretic Products, Feed Aditives, Feed Ingredients etc. Please choose the appropriate product from the left panel to get the details or click here to contact us directly.

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Available Products
Product Name Origin Type Pack
COMBOzyme American Bio. Inc.USA Multi - Enzyme 10kg/1kg
Diclazuril - 0.5% (Granular) Citura, Netherlands Coccidiostat 25kg
Flavomycine - 4% Citura, Netherlands Growth Promoter 25kg
Chlortetracycline(CTC) - 15% Citura, Netherlands Growth Promoter 25kg
Tylosine Phosphate - 10% Citura, Netherlands Growth Promoter  20kg/25kg/.6ml
Nicarbizine - 25% Citura, Netherlands Compound Coccidiostate 25kg
Robenidine - 10% Citura, Netherlands Coccidiostat 25kg
Diclazuril - 0.5% Biok , China Coccidiostat 25kg
Selinomycin - 12% Biok , China Coccidiostat 25kg
Magicoh HJ-1 Huzhimpex , China Pellet Binder 20kg
Liptol Antiox Liptosa , Spain Antioxident 25kg
Liptol Antisalm Liptosa , Spain Salmonele  Killer 25kg
Egg Shell Promoter Liptosa , Spain Feed  Premix 25kg
Fintox Mold Plus Liptosa , Spain Toxin+Mold+Enzyme 25kg
Fintox Mold  Liptosa , Spain Toxin+Mold 25kg
Fintox Liptosa , Spain Toxin Binder 25kg
Liptomold Liptosa , Spain Mold Inhibitor 25kg
Liptodry Poultry Liptosa , Spain Amonia Control 25kg/1kg
Liptosafe - L Liptosa , Spain Natural Multi Product 1Ltr/100ml
Liptobac - L Liptosa , Spain Natural Multi Product 5Ltr/1Ltr/100ml
Hidralip - L Liptosa , Spain Energetic Rehydrant 1Ltr
Cholin Cloride - 65% China Choline  Chloride 25kg
Talcal-38 Vietnam Vitamin,Mineral Premix 50kg
Talpro-60 Vietnam Fishmeal 50kg
Nufo Shell Nufoer,Spain Feed  Premix 25kg
Nufo Antiox Nufoer,Spain Antioxident 25kg
Nufo mold Nufoer,Spain Mold Inhibitor 25kg
DCP-18% (Powder) Nita Japan Dicalcium Phosphate 20kg
DCP-18% (Powder) China Dicalcium Phosphate 25kg
Mcp-21/22(Granular) China Dicalcium Phosphate 25kg
Emulsifier Liptosa , Spain Fat Absorbent 25kg
Toltrazuril Liptosa , Spain Coccidiocite 1Ltr/100ml
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The goal is to provide trustworthy, high yielding seeds both vegetable and cereal seeds to farmers in the country to increase farm income. The company also intends to supply other agri-inputs at competitive price to our vast farming community.
The company has already developed a strong marketing network in the northern part of the country, covering 30 districts, with Marketing Officers, assistants and a network of dealers.


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