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Tazan Agro is providing high quality value added customer service. We serve a wide range of customers and fill a variety of their needs. Tazan Agro offers the following services:

Least cost feed formulations.
Feed ingredients evaluation.

  • Nutrition consultancy.
  • Farm management.
  • Feed mill consultancy.
  • Highly effective microbial control program for feed and feed ingredients.
  • Customized application and technical support package to meet customer’s specific needs.
  • Optimizes feed safety and performance.
  • Highly qualified personnel contact with customer on a regular basis.
  • Gathers information concerning livestock operations.
  • Formulates precisely balanced feeding rations. based on actual analyses for livestock.
  • Provides links to nutritionists/ration analysts.
  • Answers YOUR questions quickly, accurately, professionally and
  • Provides service, Service & Service!
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The goal is to provide trustworthy, high yielding seeds both vegetable and cereal seeds to farmers in the country to increase farm income. The company also intends to supply other agri-inputs at competitive price to our vast farming community.
The company has already developed a strong marketing network in the northern part of the country, covering 30 districts, with Marketing Officers, assistants and a network of dealers.


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