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Years ago a group of experts gathered in together to bring the vision of TAZAN Group into existence. The Crew began to work and dedicate for the prosperity of Agriculture sector of Bangladesh and introduce new varieties of Agricultural products and services to the demanding market.

Years after TAZAN Group became a brand name in Agriculture sector of Bangladesh. Due to its understanding with Ministries, International NGO’s, Local NGO’s, Seed Associations and federations. HG preserves a strong relationship of farmers, scientists, breeders, seed traders, suppliers, distributors and all contributing companies so that TAZAN Group could grow into an outstanding agriculture company.

As a Managing Director of TAZAN Group of companies, we are here to extend and provide a forum for all players in Agricultural Industries to discuss and resolve issues, exchange valuable information, ensure the support and to encourage farmer’s opinions, ensure yield of best quality product.

TAZAN Group will continue to bring and introduce new varieties of seeds, agriculture machinery, agro chemicals, veterinary, medicines, animal feed etc from various well known Agricultural firms of the world.

TAZAN Group will strive to do more partnerships and alliance on local and international level to provide better worth products and services in all regions of Bangladesh.

We are a quality-driven institution following policies and procedures designed to achieve total customer satisfaction. We have recently modified our business model and structure, re-organized our business units, and infused our existing human resources with new appointees with specific skills to enhance personal and corporate Agricultural experience within our network.

Adv. Jahangir Kabir
Managing Director

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The goal is to provide trustworthy, high yielding seeds both vegetable and cereal seeds to farmers in the country to increase farm income. The company also intends to supply other agri-inputs at competitive price to our vast farming community.
The company has already developed a strong marketing network in the northern part of the country, covering 30 districts, with Marketing Officers, assistants and a network of dealers.


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